A global supplier of industrial diamond materials and superabrasives

With over 50 years of experience in superabrasives, industrial diamonds and the diamond tooling industry, we understand the importance of supplying you with exactly the right diamond for each application.

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Natural & Synthetic Industrial Diamonds

In addition to natural diamonds our product range includes synthetic diamond materials that are now available in the marketplace:

for example, CVD Diamond, PCD Polycrystalline DiamondNatural Diamond Grits & Diamond Micron PowdersSynthetic Diamond Grit & Micron PowdersSingle Crystal Diamond MCD and more.

Quality & Service

With over 50 years of experience, we understand that quality of service, consistency and reliability are just as important as the products we deliver.

Not only do we offer our clients consistent, high quality products but we also give clients our full attention and we can always be contacted by phone at every stage of the order process.

We pride ourselves in delivering a first class service to all our clients from the moment you first contact us through to the delivery of your order.

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