Supporting Industry with Graphene Enhanced Face Masks

Graphene Enhanced Face Mask FFP2 R

This year, COVID-19 has interrupted the lives of us all. With countries enforcing lockdowns upon society, most businesses have been severely disrupted.

Towards the end of 2020, many businesses found ways to keep their workforce going with new social distancing rules in place, however a second wave once again inflicts trouble upon society and world economies. We have repeatedly heard stories from our business contacts about employees having to stay home in isolation due to a friend or family member either contracting COVID themselves, or simply due to a location they have visited. This is frustrating and a huge hindrance to those businesses and families involved and reinforces the need for us to protect our families and colleagues the best that we can.

We wanted to do something to support our customers and help fight coronavirus whilst governments around the world work with pharmaceutical companies and scientists to produce a safe vaccine.

Introducing Graphene Enhanced Face Masks!

We have been in discussions with Versarien PLC about a new range of Graphene Enhanced Face Masks that are better than a simple face covering. Engineered in the lab to meet FFP2 R ratings and enhanced with Graphene to help fight the spread of COVID-19, their products greatly reduce the risk of transmission and infection when compared to a simple face covering. To add to their filtration benefits, they are also one of the only FFP2 R reusable masks which offer an environmental benefit too.

We have set up a separate website to make the supply of these masks easy for anyone who wishes to purchase one or two for themselves, their family or friends. We are also working with them to produce large volumes of these masks for the workforce of large corporations where they wish to have their brand added to the mask!

Visit for more information and you will be able to order from the ONLINE SHOP for direct delivery to your door!

Let’s hope this will be over soon!