Celebrating 40 years! Industrial Abrasives Ltd

Celebrating 40 years of service to the diamond tooling industry worldwide!

This year marks the 40th anniversary since Industrial Abrasives Ltd was formed.

Forty years supplying natural industrial diamonds, superabrasives and other synthetic diamond materials to the diamond tool industry world wide. Technology has moved on tremendously during these years and so too have we.

Our company was established to supply rough industrial diamonds during the middle of a recession in 1980, a time when business was tough and courage was required, but it paid off and long-term business relationships were developed and some remain to this day. Forty years later and we find ourselves in unprecedented times never seen before as the world struggles with COVID-19, something we never imagined just a few months ago when discussing our plans to celebrate this moment.

Founded in challenging times and we succeeded, facing them again in this our fortieth year and we remain optimistic that we can succeed once again as we maintain a position of confidence and offer continued support to our many customers.

The celebrations may have to wait this year as we focus on all that’s important at this time, however we remain open throughout this crisis, available to our customers as we strive to maintain continuity of supply in the face of challenges yet without compromising the safety of our staff and colleagues.

Thank you to all our loyal customers, suppliers and business colleagues for your business over these years, we look forward to enjoying many more years working together with you.