Synthetic Diamond Grit / Mesh

Synthetic Diamond Grit

Introduction to Synthetic Diamonds

Diamond abrasives are commonly classed as superabrasives due to their extreme toughness when compared with other abrasive materials.  It is these unique properties that set diamond apart and make it such an important ingredient in advanced grinding operations.

With advanced technology it is now possible to grow synthetic diamond crystals in various sizes and qualities giving the tool producer even more choice.  These man made materials have not fully replaced natural diamond which still has other advantages over the synthetic diamond grits and powders depending on the application.

Synthetic Diamond Grit Crystal

Synthetic Diamond – Saw Grit / Wheel Grit

We have a full range of synthetic diamond grits available for diamond wheel and saw manufacturers.  The range includes diamond with high quality uniform shaped crystals and moving down step by step to a lower grade highly friable material with a flat sharp crystal shape.

Our synthetic diamond grits are well graded for size and shape distribution.

Sizes Available

Our Synthetic diamond mesh is available in saw sizes and wheel sizes from 16/18 US Mesh all the way down to 325/400 mesh.

Grades & Qualities

There are many different qualities available.  It is important to establish which of our grades is suitable for your application so please contact us to discuss in more detail.

Contact us to discuss your requirements

Do not hesitate to contact us If you have some requirements for synthetic diamond powder in saw sizes or wheel sizes and we will do our best to help with your enquiry.