Industrial Diamonds Tool Stones Macles Triangles for diaform chisel dressing tools

Industrial Diamonds

We supply rough industrial diamonds selected for the various diamond tooling requirements of our customers.

This includes materials used in the most common types of diamond tooling such as single point dressers, cluster and multi-point dressers, cone point dressers, diamond chisels and blade type dressing tools.  Other more specialist tooling applications may include turning tools, contact lens tools, indenters / hardness testers, glass cutters, scribing tools and other measurement tooling.

If you manufacture diamond tools then we can help you!

Industrial Diamonds Crystal Die Stones for wire drawing dies
Industrial Diamonds Dressers Octohedron Tool Stones stationary dressing tools
Industrial Diamonds Dodecahedrons Brown Shapes for diamond tools
Industrial Diamonds Triangles Macles for diaform chisel dressing tools

Industrial Diamond Categories

Diamonds in each of the following categories are available in varying sizes, colour, quality and price.

  • Single point and multi point dressers
  • Sawn diamonds (2 point sawn / 4 point sawn / natural dresser logs)
  • Maccles (triangles) – diamond triangles (cushion type and window type)
  • Shapes – blocky or flat shaped stones
  • Crystals (with sharp points)
  • Die stones (for wire drawing dies)
  • Long stones
  • Octahedrons (octa’s)
  • Dodecahedrons (dodec’s)
  • Processed longs & drills

This list is only a sample of our main categories to establish a basic understanding of the types of industrial diamond we can supply for your tooling applications.  Items not mentioned should be discussed with us.  We source material with the knowledge of what our customers are using. These requirements can only be established by close discussion between us and our clients.

All of these items are subject to availability.

Kimberley Process Regulations

All of our business is carried out in full compliance with the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme and has been since the process was established in 2003. We do not participate in any business that does not follow the stringent requirements of the KPC.

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