Natural Diamond Mesh Grit Industrial Abrasives

Natural Diamond Grits and Powders

Introduction to Natural Diamonds

Diamond abrasives are commonly classed as superabrasives due to their extreme toughness and thermal conductivity when compared with other abrasive materials.  It is these unique properties that set diamond apart and make it such an important ingredient in advanced grinding operations.

Natural diamond grits and powders are produced from rejected natural diamonds and natural diamond waste material that has no other use.  This however is great news for industry as natural diamond has the edge in performance.  This diamond goes through many different processes to produce various qualities graded by shape and size as  required.

Natural Diamond Powder Grit for Grinding Wheel dressing and diamond tools

Natural Diamond Grit (Mesh Sizes)

We specialise in the supply of quality natural diamond grits and powders for diamond tool producers and manufacturers around the world.

Natural diamond is still widely used in special applications where the properties of natural diamond are better suited when tested against synthetic diamonds.

Sizes Available

Our Natural diamond mesh is available in all saw sizes and wheel sizes starting at 16/18 US Mesh (D1181) all the way down to 500/600 US Mesh (D30).

Grades & Qualities

We offer five different qualities as standard and also produce individually tailored grades of diamond for some customer specific applications.  Natural diamond grits suitable for all different applications can be supplied whether for mass produced tooling or high precision specialist tooling.  Blocky, sharp, rounded, specially cleaned, whatever you need we endeavour to produce it for you.

Natural Diamond Micron Powder

Natural Diamond Micron Powder (µ sizes)

Our natural diamond micron powder is consistent in quality and size and is generally available in one main proven quality that meets most of our customer’s requirements.

Specially Applications  (ID-Saws / Wire-Saws)

We do however have other specially graded micron powder which is produced especially for the semi-conductor industry (ID-Saws and Wire-Saws).  This has proven very successful.  A high percentage of this close tolerance material is used for cutting materials for the semiconductor industry and must therefore be discussed.

Sizes Available

Our micron stars at 0-0.25µ micron and is available in sizes going up to 70µ micron.

Special sizing can be discussed.

Natural Diamond – Casting Material

If you require casting material, please contact us to discuss your requirements as this is made to order.

Industrial Diamond Mesh Casting Material

Consistency & Quality

Many years experience in the diamond tooling industry have taught us that consistency and reliability are vital to the success of the product and to our clients ongoing business.  Great care is taken to ensure that the diamond we deliver meets the agreed quality and standard as we fully understand how great an impact errors with sizing, shape or consistency can have on your business.

On any occasion where material is found not to meet  a standard, that issue becomes our number one priority until it is resolved and even replaced where necessary.  As an ISO9001:2008 certified company, steps are taken to improve our systems where necessary to avoid any repeat occurrence of the identified problem.

Contact us to discuss your requirements

If you would like to discuss your requirements with us then please contact us on the above telephone number or alternatively you can fax us or send an email and we will do our best to assist you with your enquiry.

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