Celebrating 40 years! Industrial Abrasives Ltd

Celebrating 40 years of service to the diamond tooling industry worldwide!

This year marks the 40th anniversary since Industrial Abrasives Ltd was formed.

Forty years supplying natural industrial diamonds, superabrasives and other synthetic diamond materials to the diamond tool industry world wide. Technology has moved on tremendously during these years and so too have we.

Our company was established to supply rough industrial diamonds during the middle of a recession in 1980, a time when business was tough and courage was required, but it paid off and long-term business relationships were developed and some remain to this day. Forty years later and we find ourselves in unprecedented times never seen before as the world struggles with COVID-19, something we never imagined just a few months ago when discussing our plans to celebrate this moment.

Founded in challenging times and we succeeded, facing them again in this our fortieth year and we remain optimistic that we can succeed once again as we maintain a position of confidence and offer continued support to our many customers.

The celebrations may have to wait this year as we focus on all that’s important at this time, however we remain open throughout this crisis, available to our customers as we strive to maintain continuity of supply in the face of challenges yet without compromising the safety of our staff and colleagues.

Thank you to all our loyal customers, suppliers and business colleagues for your business over these years, we look forward to enjoying many more years working together with you.

COVID-19 – An update from our Managing Director

As we supply our materials into a some key manufacturing sectors, we have gone the extra mile to remain open and continue supporting our clients without compromising the wellbeing of any staff. With our staff home office arrangements and as things currently stand in the UK, we are still able to maintain full social distancing practices and continue fulfilling orders throughout this period.

Please let us know if we can help you and take care during these challenging times.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification – Transition Audit Success

Industrial Abrasives Ltd is committed to to a strict set of procedures and systems laid out within our ISO9001 Quality Management System that meet the required standard and are audited annually by UKAS certified auditors URS.  In 2018 the 2008 version of the system expired and was replaced with the new 2015 version of the standard meaning a complete review and update to the QMS was required.

We are pleased to announce that following a successful audit, we are now certified to the new ISO9001:2015 standard meeting all of the requirements with no non-conformances found during our transition audit.

This QMS is a valued part of our business process and something our staff are committed to for the benefit of not only our customers but also suppliers and service providers.

Single use plastic reduction – Internal Review

In 2018 we carried out a review of single use plastics being used within our business, particularly in our packing and shipping department. With ongoing concern for the environment and with increased awareness of the unbelievable levels of plastic found in our oceans, we felt it was time to do something.

Following an internal review in November 2018 we introduced new types of packaging and packing fillers to replace bubblewrap and other plastic materials as far as possible as a first step within this process.

At the end of March following a review of this change so far, we estimate that we have reduced our use of single use plastics by 50% as a first step. New waste disposal procedures have also been introduced which have increased the amount of our waste that is now recycled.

In 2019 we plan to review this process even further and replace plastic for other alternative materials as far as is possible.

We would encourage all of our customers and suppliers or anyone reading this to take steps to support this global effort to clean-up and protect our environment for future generations.

Update 23/12/2019 – Since uploading this post we were contacted by Amy at SLO Active who shared a very interesting and in-depth article about plastic pollution. It’s very interesting and helps us better understand just how important this issue is. Take a look at the article ‘Plastic Pollution by Slo Active‘ at this link. Please note that we have no affiliation with SLO Active and the provided link is simply a reference to an online article that increases awareness of the issue of plastic pollution and the oceans. Facts and information on their website should be verified independently and decided upon by the reader.


A Voice for Business – Dorset Chamber of Commerce & Industry

In January 2019 Industrial Abrasives Ltd joined the Dorset Chamber of Commerce and Industry who are accredited by the British Chambers of Commerce.

Dorset Chamber of Commerce and Industry DCCI






With a commitment to our customers and suppliers both in the UK and overseas, it is vital that we are aware of any decisions and legislative changes made by government at a local or national level that have a direct impact on business and the uncomplicated continuation of trade with our overseas contacts.

Our membership not only aids us in our awareness of industry news, but also provides opportunities to develop a network of business contacts with similar concerns and also gives us access to specialists at the DCCI, just one of many chapters of the British Chambers of Commerce. So we add our voice to thousands of other businesses across the United Kingdom especially on matters of concern during interesting political times.

All of us here at Industrial Abrasives look forward to opportunities in 2019 to make our DCCI membership count and we assure our customers large and small that we are committed to going the extra mile to provide the best quality products and service level to each of you.

We have moved to a larger premises!

We have moved

After many years in Bournemouth, we have relocated our offices to a larger premises in the historic town of Christchurch, only five miles away. As from 1st May 2018, all mail should be sent to our new PO Box in Christchurch and for existing customers, we will be providing you with our new direct delivery address. Our former PO Box 1101 address in Bournemouth should NOT be used any longer. Please update your records.

We look forward to serving our clients from our new and improved offices.


Quality Matters! ISO 9001:2008 Certification ‘Auf Deutsch’

DEUTSCH: Aktuelle Unternehmensinfo: 2013 – QMS ISO 9001:2008  – die Zertifizierung wurde erfolgreich abgeschlossen

ISO 9001:2008 QMS





Am 3. Juli 2013 fand die Abschlußprüfung unseres überarbeiteten QMS (Qualitätsmanagementsystem) statt und wir freuen uns, mitteilen zu können, dass unser QMS den Anforderungen der ISO 9001:2008 entspricht und von URS (einer von UKAS anerkannten und zugelassenen Zertifizierungsstelle für Systeme und Normen) zertifiziert wurde.

Auf Wunsch können wir unseren Kunden gerne eine Bestätigung dieser Prozesse zukommen lassen – bitte wenden Sie sich im Bedarfsfall gerne an uns.

Quality Matters! ISO 9001:2008 Certification

English / Deutsch

ISO 9001:2008 QMS

ENGLISH: Company News: 2013 – QMS ISO 9001:2008 SUCCESSFUL & APPROVED

On the 3rd July 2013 the final audit of our improved QMS (Quality Management System) took place and we are pleased to announce that our QMS now meets the ISO9001:2008 standard and has been certified by URS – a UKAS authorised and accredited certification body for systems and standards.

Confirmation of this process can be provided to our customers if required upon request.

Quality Matters!

indab- ‘Drill-Tip’ PCD (commonly referred to as Sandwich PCD)

Ongoing development of our ‘Drill-Tip’ PCD Grade (Commonly referred to as Sandwich PCD) has now produced some very positive results!

PCD Diamond Drill Tips







The processes involved in manufacturing this Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) material have been further improved in recent months and this is now paying off. Now with improved adhesion of the carbide to both sides of the central diamond layer, tool producers are seeing good results during the final grinding of the PCD cutting edge.

With the ongoing development of new composite materials for aerospace and other industries, tool producers face new challenges to develop tooling that offers fast and accurate performance with good tool-life for cutting and machining these complex materials. This is where our ‘Drill Tip’ PCD  can be advantageous especially in applications utilising such materials.

If you are a diamond tool manufacturer, please visit our webpage dedicated to the indab-PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond) product range.

Please feel free to contact us if you need more technical information.

Laser Cut Diamonds – Addition to our product range

Laser cut rounds 300x300

There has been a great advance in cutting technology over the last decade which now increases the possibilities to the diamond tool maker no end.  With the ability to now accurately cut natural diamonds to a close tolerance using laser technology, we can do things that were not easily possible in the past. As laser cutting machines have developed and become more widely used it has now become more affordable.

By using this technology to cut a mixture of natural and synthetic diamonds, we can now increase the range of products and services offered and work even more closely with our clients.

This month we have launched a new page on our website to include these laser cut industrial diamonds to demonstrate to our clients that we can efficiently offer this service and we look forward to supplying the industry with more of what it really needs in the coming months and years ahead.