Single use plastic reduction – Internal Review

In 2018 we carried out a review of single use plastics being used within our business, particularly in our packing and shipping department. With ongoing concern for the environment and with increased awareness of the unbelievable levels of plastic found in our oceans, we felt it was time to do something.

Following an internal review in November 2018 we introduced new types of packaging and packing fillers to replace bubblewrap and other plastic materials as far as possible as a first step within this process.

At the end of March following a review of this change so far, we estimate that we have reduced our use of single use plastics by 50% as a first step. New waste disposal procedures have also been introduced which have increased the amount of our waste that is now recycled.

In 2019 we plan to review this process even further and replace plastic for other alternative materials as far as is possible.

We would encourage all of our customers and suppliers or anyone reading this to take steps to support this global effort to clean-up and protect our environment for future generations.

Update 23/12/2019 – Since uploading this post we were contacted by Amy at SLO Active who shared a very interesting and in-depth article about plastic pollution. It’s very interesting and helps us better understand just how important this issue is. Take a look at the article ‘Plastic Pollution by Slo Active‘ at this link. Please note that we have no affiliation with SLO Active and the provided link is simply a reference to an online article that increases awareness of the issue of plastic pollution and the oceans. Facts and information on their website should be verified independently and decided upon by the reader.