Diamond Lapping Compound Paste for surface finishing

Diamond Paste – Lapping Compound

High Quality Diamond Paste for the ultimate surface finish

Our diamond lapping compound is proven to achieve excellent results and can be tailor made to your personal preference in colour and even diamond sizing if you have special requirements.

Delivered in syringes of varying size makes this product easy to apply when in use.

Diamond Paste Options

Base Options

  • Oil Soluble
  • Water Soluble

Size Range

  • Smallest – 0 – 0.25µ micron
  • Largest – 90µ micron

Concentration of Diamond

  • LOW diamond content
  • MEDIUM diamond content
  • HIGH diamond content
  • EXTRA HIGH diamond content

Syringe / Tube Sizes

  • 2 gramme
  • 5 gramme
  • 10 gramme
  • 20 gramme
  • 50 gramme


  • Our Standard colours as delivered
  • Your chosen colours at point of order


The high quality diamond used in all of our diamond paste ensures that the required surface finish is easily achievable with the correct selection of size and concentration for your application.

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We also supply diamond micron powder if required.

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Diamond Paste Lapping Compound