MCD Monocrystalline Diamond MCD Single Crystal Plates for diamond tools

Single Crystal MCD (Monocrystalline Diamond)

MCD is a synthetic single crystal diamond that is cut in a variety of ways for different diamond tooling applications.

It is commonly used in special dressing and turning applications that require very different dimensions and crystal orientation to perform the required task.

Single Crystal Diamond MCD Monocrystal HPHT Synthetic Diamond
MCD Diamond Monocrystalline Diamond Single Crystal Dressers
Monocrystalline Diamond MCD Single Crystal

Laser Cutting + Orientation

Our client base have such varied requirements that we offer materials either sawn or laser cut and prepared to order only.

It is important that we know the required orientation, 2-point sawn or 4-point sawn and it is preferable to have a detailed drawing along with an indication of quantity so that we can make an accurate offer to you.

Contact us to discuss your requirements

Please contact us if you have some requirements for this material and we will do our best to assist with your enquiry.